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4 Battle-Tested Mindset Shifts For A Happy & Profitable Acting Career

How to fast-track your acting success without wasting time, feeling desperate, or sucking the fun out of it.


In this Masterclass, you'll learn:


The 4 Mindset Shifts Every Actor Must Make... 

To become a professional actor who earns money playing the roles they were born to play.


How To Shortcut Your Acting Career & Skip The Struggle

Following your dreams should be exciting, not depressing. Learn how to shave years of frustration off your journey.


What The Whole "Branding" Thing Is About

And how to find yours so you can fast-track your acting career.

This Powerful Training Is The Wake Up Call You've Been Waiting For!

You can keep waiting to get discovered, or you can get a new strategy.

This 50-minute masterclass will shake your beliefs about "the way things are done" so you can become a proactive force in your career. You can't do that by staying in the same mindset you're in now. Join us for an earth-shattering new way of approaching your business.

Admit it: You Have No Idea What You're Doing!

  • You know "acting is a business" but you have no idea what that really means. SPOILER: It's not just about spending more money on expensive headshots and workshops.
  • You're sick of waiting around for auditions but are out of ideas about how to be proactive. 
  • Marketing yourself as an actor feels awkward and needy. Postcards? No thank you. But how do you book the roles you were born to play when nobody knows who you are?
  • You're sick of agents saying "I just don't know what to do with you!" - You're ready for your dream agent... like yesterday.

Join us for this fun and informative masterclass and shake off the funk, once and for all.


A Note From The Instructor...

Tristen MacDonald - Actress/Screenwriter/Coach

Jimmy Kimmel Live!, CSI: NY, Grey's Anatomy, Henry Danger, Amica, Mercedes, Taco Bell, Gold Bond.

I'm teaching the hard lessons that took me over a decade to discover. My passion is helping the next generation of artists skip that frustrating step and reach their dreams faster. I hope you'll join me LIVE inside this training. I'll be there to answer questions and rock your world with the 4 Battle-Tested Mindset Shifts For A Happy & Profitable Acting Career. Let's do it!


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