Get Your Biz-Shiz Together Once-And-For-All And Make Space For Creativity!



Let’s face it, running your acting business is a ten person job – and you’re doing it all by yourself. It’s time to put systems in place to help you tackle all those to-do’s that keep your head spinning – when you could be creating content!

We're Giving Your Time Back!

Our first mini-course at Happy Actors is anything but “mini”! This course is designed so that every minute you spend implementing what you’ve learned, you’re pretty much guaranteed to get back in time saved. How often can you say THAT?



Inside Organize Your Biz, You'll Get...

  • Productivity tools to effectively manage your time and balance work, career, and your personal life.

  • An easy-to-maintain financial checkup, so you can manage your budget and make tax-time easy-squeezy!
  • A clear grasp of your personal values and immediate goals, so you can stop chasing all the things.

  • Strategies to corral all your learning, knowledge, and ideas, so they'll be there when you need them.

  • A 13-page workbook to make the most of the hawt tips you're learning!
  • Tips on how to manage your focus and energy - so you can squeeze all you can out of the limited time you have to move your career forward.
  • How to effectively minimize distractions and retrain your brain for creative output!
  • How to use Tristen's favorite apps to keep your business running smoothy and stress-free.
  • Easy solutions for keeping all your actor assets streamlined and ready for that next big opportunity!
  • How to easily track your industry contacts, so you'll have all the info you need at your fingertips. 

PLUS! A video walk-through of the exact project management system I used to create my half-hour sitcom pilot PLUS a done-for-you production template. Sexy!



Get Instant Access

For less than the cost of a one-night workshop with a CD you’ve never heard of, you unlock loads of easy-to-digest video trainings designed to make your life easier and make #Adulting fun!

Get Into Action

Work through the lessons in one long Marie Kondo-inspired weekend, or do them little-by-little. There are no rules. But fair warning, the stress-free feeling of knowing you’ve got things handled can be addicting!

Enjoy Creative Freedom

Enjoy the freedom that comes with making space for creativity, instead of playing the “busy” card every day. We can’t wait to see what brilliance you bring forth when you’re not wasting energy on that blah stuff!

The Best Part? It's Only 29 Bucks!

This Course is Perfect For You If... 

      • You feel like you’re constantly busy but have nothing to show for it.
      • You feel that it would be easier to deliver a solid performance in class if you weren’t busy just adulting.
      • You waste time filing extensions every year because tax time gives you the willies.
      • Last time you met a new contact, it took you hours to get an email of your materials together.
      • You think you’re too busy to take this course!


I'm giving you all the tools in my toolbox so you can run your biz like a boss like you know you should and get back to the fun stuff ... acting!





"My productivity has changed drastically!"

"The area in my life I was looking for help with was my career. Specifically, dedicating time to the things I wanted so that I could achieve them instead of just daydreaming about them. Tristen is so skilled at helping you identify the things that are holding you back and providing you with customized tools to help you move forward. Plus, she’s just an amazing human being, which doesn’t hurt. :)"

Angie Patterson


Available Wherever You Want

Computer, tablet, phone...

Take your training with you wherever you go! So you can learn on vacation, at the gym, or waiting for your turn at that commercial audition.




Hours Of Training & Bonus Content

Work at your own pace!

All lessons are available right away in your member's area. 

The best part? Unlike in-person courses where you need to scribble all your notes as you go, these lessons will be here any time you need them and updated as new information becomes available.

Downloadable Workbook


Talk about getting organized. Consider this your personal project plan as you work through the course and make big-time mindset shifts! 


Your instructor

Tristen MacDonald

In addition to being the creator & instructor of Actor Business Plan, Tristen MacDonald is a currently working actress & screenwriter in Los Angeles. She's appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, NCIS: Los Angeles, Henry Danger, & The Comedy Get Down, to name a few. Tristen has also appeared in over 50 national commercials, including acting as the current spokesperson for Amica Insurance, Gold Bond, & Smileactives.

 Not only has Tristen coached actors on their careers for over a decade, she's also a trained life coach. Helping actors grow their careers is a passion she takes very seriously. That includes YOU! 

While growing her career, Tristen has discovered the sweet bliss that comes from sexy systems. A self-proclaimed efficiency nerd, Tristen’s already worked out the kinks and wants you to join her on the other side.

Organization and Productivity Aren't Dirty Words!

They are the key to manifesting all the amazing things you have to contribute to the world. This is program is designed to give you more freedom and more fun. And give you MORE time to enjoy the things you love!

  • Get all your actor assets in one place, backed up easy to find. No more cold sweats when your computer starts acting up!
  • Feel breezy about your finances with a 15 minute monthly check-in. With just this one task – tax time will be easy-squeezy!
  • Losing too much time on social media? I got you? I’ve got a few tricks to help you get back hours per week without jumping off the grid completely.
  • Notebooks, bills, and sticky-notes all over the place? We’ll corral it all and you’ll enjoy the sweet bliss of never saying “Where did I put that…” again!



Your Investment: $29


Happy & Productive Clients!

"Tristen is an amazing person to have on your team and in your corner. If you're embarking on anything new or need some motivation on a long term goal, she will help you get there!"

Amber Friendly

"When I first met with Tristen for a life coaching session I was stuck in a rut, unable to find the balance between living a creative life and managing my responsibilities. Within one session Tristen untangled the cobwebs in my mind and set me on the right path. She laid out a game plan and held me accountable. I've never been more productive and felt more capable of accomplishing all of my goals. I trust her implicitly. Her approach is both direct and warm. It's the perfect combination!"

Carrie-Lynn Neals

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